Alcohol- Why Not?

By James E. Copple Alcohol has become a “hot topic” in circles of faith – the absolutes about alcohol consumption that kept us sheltered in the moralistic teachings of our ancestors are all but gone or at least ridiculed, and young people ask, “why not?” Therefore, the issues and consequences of alcohol use are surfacing […]


By James E. Copple Every holiday season for the past 20 years, I have chosen a theme that helps me focus on the meaning and joy of Christmas. This year, I chose motherhood with a particular focus on Mary, the mother of Jesus. Resonating through my reflection is the message – every mother counts. Scholars […]

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by James E. Copple In February of 1966, my father announced to the family that we were moving from Kansas City to Seattle. I was sixteen-years-old and a Junior in High School. This was devastating news in so many ways. I was new in the faith, a football player in the local high school and […]

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It was 1958 and I was 8 years old.  The United States was still a nation divided.  The racial conflict found its expression in Jim Crow laws.  In the South, you could still see signs of Whites Only and separate water fountains for Negroes and Whites.  It was in this environment that I found myself in Tupelo, Mississippi with my father, […]

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The concept of family possesses so many different textures and has so many different sources.  Its texture can be rough, gentle, comforting and sometimes brittle.  Its source is like a river and we are tributaries springing from one Head River – not always seen or easily mapped.  Recently my siblings gathered in Seattle to finally […]

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Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio closes nearly every speech with the following quote from the civil rights movement: “Don’t tell me what you believe – Show me what you do and I will tell you what you believe.” This admonition rings true in so many sectors of our lives. Societies should be judged by they […]

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