Where are the men, and not just in Nigeria? Kidnapping crisis underscores the question but calls for introspection

By James E. Copple   Where are the men? Gender-violence and human-trafficking are issues caused mostly by men but challenged mostly by women. There is a conspicuous silence and lack of interest on the part of Muslim men, government leaders (mostly men) and by men in general. Recent attention to the kidnapping of 276 Nigerian […]


By James E. Copple The death of Nelson Mandela has allowed me to reflect on an era rapidly disappearing in the consciousness of our collective history. Apartheid was one of the many issues that confronted my generation. The war in Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, “women’s liberation” and apartheid jumped out of the headlines and […]

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Voices from the Night: The Power and Promise of Community Change is now out there for everybody to see and read. It is a “story book.” I am a story teller! I have had the opportunity to be a witness to so many events in so many environments. Whether it is the preacher in me, the teacher in me, or the advocate in me, or all of the above, I cannot tell a story without applying a lesson.

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by James E. Copple In the last election cycle, candidates and their campaigns spent approximately $8 billion to secure their offices. Most of that $8 billion came from citizens like you and me. During the last campaign, candidates, their surrogates, their parties, their PACs inundated us with funding requests to support their efforts to secure […]

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In the second presidential debate, Katherine Fenton asked the following question: “In what new ways do you intend to rectify the inequalities in the workplace, specifically regarding females making 72 percent of what their male counterparts earn?”

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