Alcohol- Why Not?


By James E. Copple Alcohol has become a “hot topic” in circles of faith – the absolutes about alcohol consumption that kept us sheltered in the moralistic teachings of our ancestors are all but gone or at least ridiculed, and young people ask, “why not?” Therefore, the issues and consequences of alcohol use are surfacing […]


By James E. Copple Occasionally, I have a crisis of confidence that undermines my faith; challenges my optimism; and generally leaves me grumpy and deflated. It was several weeks ago, in the silence of my home and looking over various projects mostly dealing with the poor and disenfranchised, when I wept (truly) and begged God […]

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By James E. Copple Human-trafficking lives in the shadows of our global urban centers.  “Shadows.” That’s her word, and she is a 15-year-old Eritrean girl sold by her parents and trafficked via container-truck to Nairobi, where she lives in a small shack. And hers isn’t an uncommon story in East Africa, where famine and drought […]

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By James E. Copple On March 9, a global community of organizations, faith communities and governments will gather in places of worship and community centers for FREEDOM SUNDAY to confront and speak out about human-trafficking and slavery, an issue that affects 25 million people worldwide. And that’s a conservative estimate. Principally expressed in coerced-sex and […]

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By James E. Copple Friend. A difficult word often defined by platitudes and sentimental ramblings but rooted in a relationship with someone you know well and regard with affection and trust. I have had many friends, and most have come and gone, but affection and trust are good words to describe many of those relationships. […]

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By James E. Copple The death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, the apparent result of a drug overdose after 20 years’ sobriety, is one more soul crossing a line from self-indulgence to “what a waste.” His peers considered the Oscar-winner among the brightest talents of a generation. When Hoffman relapsed last year, he course-corrected, entering […]

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By James E. Copple Every holiday season for the past 20 years, I have chosen a theme that helps me focus on the meaning and joy of Christmas. This year, I chose motherhood with a particular focus on Mary, the mother of Jesus. Resonating through my reflection is the message – every mother counts. Scholars […]

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By James E. Copple The death of Nelson Mandela has allowed me to reflect on an era rapidly disappearing in the consciousness of our collective history. Apartheid was one of the many issues that confronted my generation. The war in Vietnam, the Civil Rights movement, “women’s liberation” and apartheid jumped out of the headlines and […]

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