Who Gives This Woman Away?: Human Trafficking and Its Cultural Artifacts – Are We All Guilty?


By James E. Copple The underlying foundation of human trafficking is that individuals can be viewed and used as commodities that can be traded in exchange for certain services. The Trafficking Victims Protection Act, in its various authorizations, has defined human trafficking as the use of force, fraud or coercion to transport persons across international borders […]


The pursuit of social justice is in the very fabric of faith. Justice is not an isolated term reserved for the individual in the sanctuary of his/her soul. Justice is lived out in the context of community and is, therefore, social. “He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord […]

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Voices from the Night: The Power and Promise of Community Change is now out there for everybody to see and read. It is a “story book.” I am a story teller! I have had the opportunity to be a witness to so many events in so many environments. Whether it is the preacher in me, the teacher in me, or the advocate in me, or all of the above, I cannot tell a story without applying a lesson.

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by James E. Copple In February of 1966, my father announced to the family that we were moving from Kansas City to Seattle. I was sixteen-years-old and a Junior in High School. This was devastating news in so many ways. I was new in the faith, a football player in the local high school and […]

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by James E. Copple That first sermon, I will never forget it. Less than four months after I found myself kneeling at an alter and accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior, I was now preaching.  My conversion was radical. I mean, I went from a hell-raising 15 year-old to a Bible carrying evangelist overnight. […]

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by James E. Copple The human predicament continues to amaze me.  Predicament is defined as a difficult, trying, and often dangerous situation.  On Sunday, April 7, while sitting in the airport in Amsterdam, I read the New York Times  report on the tragic suicide death of Matthew Warren, the 27 year-old son of Pastor Rick […]

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Patricia Melnice of Tough Angels has spent the last three weeks with me in Kenya visiting sites related to the work of the Kenya Gender-Based Violence Partnership. This partnership  consists of SAI/Servant Forge, UNICEF, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), Tough Angels, the Crossroads Church of the Nazarene in Arizona, and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries in Kenya.  […]

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Dedicated to the staff, partners, and beneficiaries of SAI/Servant Forge “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death – you are with me.”  That you are with me promise jumps off the page and seizes my heart and my head every time I read it.  In my 63 years, I have certainly […]

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by James E. Copple In the last election cycle, candidates and their campaigns spent approximately $8 billion to secure their offices. Most of that $8 billion came from citizens like you and me. During the last campaign, candidates, their surrogates, their parties, their PACs inundated us with funding requests to support their efforts to secure […]

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