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You have cancer.”

When you hear those words, every other word spoken in the next 10 minutes seems garbled, and you enter an echo-chamber where you hear nothing but those three words.

After hearing my diagnosis, I immediately went into fight mode, which may have also been denial mode. I remember thinking: “Not me, not now! I will do what it takes to survive this. I’ve overcome other threats, and I will not be defined by this.”


In my 60th year, I am committed to exploring all ideas, cultural norms and those topics that we often ignore because of status, reputation or fear of being rejected.  Further, it is time to have some fun with sacred cows that put us on pedestals of self-righteousness and define us against one another.  To be sure the various posts will be irreverent at times, create some levels of discomfort.  So, join me on this journey of seeking.  For me, it is always about the journey and not the destination.

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I BELIEVE is a phrase we often use, but do we ever reflect on its meaning? We use the words almost daily. I believe blue is better than brown or I believe a shower is better than a bath. 

This book examines the problems associated with alcohol consumption among youth and the impact of the alcohol industry and popular culture on youth drinking.

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