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Cultural Practices

Voices from the Night: The Power and Promise of Community Change is now out there for everybody to see and read. It is a “story book.” I am a story teller! I have had the opportunity to be a witness to so many events in so many environments. Whether it is the preacher in me, the teacher in me, or the advocate in me, or all of the above, I cannot tell a story without applying a lesson.




We preach the body of Christ and talk about the global church and the global community as if we are all connected and part of a universal, tightly knitted community with a single purpose and goal…Unfortunately, as with many things in the Church – it is a myth of convenience.




I just returned from a meeting on the Hill with one of the “club” members of the United States Senate that takes arrogance of power to a whole new level of sophistry. Listening to him rant about what he could or he would do with his new power and how he intended to shut down the wheels of government by bridling in spending was both pathetic and laughable.

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