Meditations & Radiation

“You have cancer.”

When you hear those words, every other word spoken in the next 10 minutes seems garbled, and you enter an echo-chamber where you hear nothing but those three words.

After hearing my diagnosis, I immediately went into fight mode, which may have also been denial mode. I remember thinking: “Not me, not now! I will do what it takes to survive this. I’ve overcome other threats, and I will not be defined by this.”

Fatal Attractions

This book examines the problems associated with alcohol consumption among youth and the impact of the alcohol industry and popular culture on youth drinking.

Voice From The Night

The book is about creating and inspiring change — personal, community, and national change.  It may be pretentious on my part to assume that anything I have to say could incite change in anything or anybody. However, I hope the voices found in the book will at least prompt some serious thinking. This is not an academic treatise, but rather an invitation to the reader to come into the world I have experienced over the past 20 years.

I Believe: Daily Reflections on a Journey

I BELIEVE is a phrase we often use, but do we ever reflect on its meaning? We use the words almost daily. I believe blue is better than brown or I believe a shower is better than a bath. I believe Gouda is better than Swiss. It is part of our language. Yet, when you examine all the things we believe, it becomes a window into our souls or our lives. When we think about our legacy for our children or grandchildren, it is important that we open that window of our lives so they can see and know who we are. This book is not only a window into the soul of the authors, but is a challenge for the reader to examine their own beliefs. These beliefs are profound; sometimes they are hilarious, political and certainly anchored in faith

The Seeker: Bring Me the Horizon

Creator of “The Legacy Project,” Jim Copple illustrates the importance of creating a legacy and capturing the joy and learning that comes from life’s accomplishments and failures. This is a book of stories that focuses on Jim’s legacy and the legacy he created. His goal is to inspire you to identify the influencers in your life; to become the hero of your own story; and to recognize that the hero you have become is thanks to those who have come before you. A true person of action, Jim turns his life experiences into a virtual roadmap for people in all contexts to follow, vividly painting a picture of how to live a life that matters and how to turn good intentions into humanitarian leadership.


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