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Bringing the Light: Bolivia to Eagle Mountain

My early morning trip, with lights sparkling on the horizon in the wintry cold of dawn, reminded me that seekers are the torchlight that feeds the flame – illuminating and healing “the least of these brothers and sisters of mine” while spreading peace and joy.


By James E. Copple In a summer of disaster, there’s hope and holy pride in the poignant, modestly magnanimous efforts of African refugee camps to lift our fellow man in need. The summer of 2017 has had more than its share of natural disasters: Hurricanes Harvey and Irma; earthquakes in Mexico; fires in the Western […]

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Following the Indian Ocean tsunami that swept across 14 Asian and African nations in 2004, killing 283,000 people, one of the first aid organizations to arrive in countries with body bags and 72 hour kits was the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – the Mormons. The Mormons rallied with 72 hour survival kits, and […]

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