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Setting Aside our Biases and Looking at Evidence Based Solutions: 10 Common Sense Gun-Control Steps

By James Copple 1. Impose universal background checks for anyone buying a gun, a measure that four out of five Americans support. 2. Impose a minimum age limit of 21 on gun purchases. This is already the law for handgun purchases in many states, and it mirrors the law for buying alcohol. 3. Enforce a […]


By James E Copple Guns have become a public health issue like tobacco and alcohol, and our families are the chief victims. But where is the leadership of our churches, denominations and faith communities on the issue of gun-violence? We must challenge the American gun narrative; support good policy and cultural shifts necessary for common-sense, […]

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God, help me to see this child as you would see them, help me to hear them as you would hear them and God, help me to do what you would do.  Twenty-five years ago, that prayer took me into a place with a student that forever altered my life. The student was in crisis and now […]

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