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Jesus knew there would be days like this … Beyond cynicism and compassion-fatigue, Christmas depends on saying “yes”

By James E. Copple John F. Kennedy and the new frontier defined my view of politics and why we should be concerned for the poor. I was 14 when Kennedy was assassinated and completely drawn by media coverage of his funeral. Watching endless commentary about his life and listening to his recorded speeches, I was […]


Centuries of evolution, the emergence of empathic impulses, and increased cohabitation on the planet has led to better understanding and cooperation. Quite simply, we have learned how to get along.

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Disasters of all types expose the weak underbelly of poverty. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados and political turmoil make the poor vulnerable and create challenges for humanitarian responses. The earthquake in Haiti is a classic example. As nations respond to this crippling blow of Mother Nature in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, responders struggle with […]

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