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Luke Commission and the Cycle of Swaziland’s Poverty: A Day in the Life

There is a poverty in Swaziland that is difficult to describe and it is a poverty unlike I have seen anywhere else in Africa.  It is largely rural, pastoral and dots the countryside of a thousand hills.  Today, I was with The Luke Commission, a mobile hospital – some would call  it a clinic – […]


We work together to build capacity so the search for food and water becomes secondary to sustainable work or agriculture that will secure their families. When I see the faces of these friends and colleagues – I cannot escape the disconnect.

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I spent most of the year in the developing world with particular reminders of Ethiopia, Swaziland, and Kenya.  I observed for the first time a Church working underground in a hostile political and religious environment.  I was both amazed and startled by the harshness of religious bigotry and the courage of people who have made commitments to […]

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In Manzini, Swaziland a Christian and a member of the Church of the Nazarene works daily in the Ministry of Natural Resources providing valuable and important technical expertise to the leadership in this government ministry. His biggest challenge is the corruption that runs rampant in various mid-level bureaucracies, a characteristic that has come to challenge […]

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