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School is a girl’s escape to freedom, but at what price?

A child shouldn’t have to sacrifice her body, safety and boundaries for tuition By James E. Copple Kariobangi North Girls Secondary School is an oasis in the midst of one of Nairobi’s worst slums, but the cost of an education, hope and a future can be criminal. We spent the morning at the Kariobangi North, and the […]


by James E. Copple In February of 1966, my father announced to the family that we were moving from Kansas City to Seattle. I was sixteen-years-old and a Junior in High School. This was devastating news in so many ways. I was new in the faith, a football player in the local high school and […]

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The country became a part of my life when Kenya exploded into the headlines in 2007-2008…The post-election violence led to the death of 1,300 people…and a major disruption in the economic, social, and political conditions of the country.

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Blue Cross Kenya sponsors a group of moms and their children living in the Korogocho Slums in Nairobi who have given up distilling home brew alcohol and abusing their own product. Recovering moms and their children live in the worse poverty in all of Africa. Yet, part of their work and ministry is called Hope Raisers and in […]

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